Sea and Stone Garden Design,  Vancouver, BC  author      

Lisa Gardner is a Vancouver Garden Designer, visual artist, garden photographer and instructor.  

Lisa works closely with clients to help them create personal gardens, which reflect their needs, desires and style.  

She will provide an on site consultation, review and analyze the site and help her clients discover the best solution for their gardens.  Lisa understands that when it comes to gardens, budgets are a consideration, Lisa respects and works within them.  A beautiful garden does not have to be an expensive undertaking.  

Once the site is analyzed, plants are chosen for their adaptability; right plant, right place.  This process helps create a low maintenance garden which is beautiful and to be enjoyed all year round. 

Lisa can provide a Consultation, a sketch and/or design concept or will install and/or co-ordinate other trades where necessary. 

* Beautiful planting combinations   * Patios, trellises    *Containers   * Herb garden boxes   * Gardens with all season interest    * Pathways

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